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5 reasons to join Stryker’s Innovation Centre in Ireland

Stryker’s Global R&D Innovation Centre features unique design and collaboration workspaces for our teams to connect, state-of-the-art prototyping and test facilities and a simulated operating room.

Teams at our Innovation Centre are strategically focused on the development of new technologies and products to improve patient safety and outcomes around the world.  

Our Innovation Centre at a glance: 

Innovation Center office address: IDA Business & Tech Park, Carrigtwohill  

Main business: Instruments  

Main functions: Research and development  

On-site perks: Bike to work scheme, onsite restaurant and organized social activities and more! 

5 reasons to join our Innovation Centre team:

1. We value diversity, equity and inclusion 

Stryker has nine ERGs – 4 of which have local chapters in Cork - Stryker Women’s Network, Stryker’s Emerging Professionals, Women in Science and Engineering and Stryker Allies for Equality (SAFE). Our employees are encouraged to get involved and broaden their knowledge and foster an inclusive community. One example of how our ERGs engage our employees is Pride Month. In a recent edition, SAFE hosted a number of events throughout the month including musical bingo which was hosted by two local drag queens, best dressed competition as well as an ice cream truck on site. 

2. We’re committed to sustainability 

We work to create a healthier world not only through our products and services, but also through our commitments to responsible operations. At Stryker, our growth is fueled by innovation and rooted in the understanding that human health relies on the health of our planet. That’s why Stryker partnered with the Industrial Development Agency (IDA) to open a two kilometer greenway, part of which connects all sites in Carrigtwohill.  

3. We know flexibility matters 

Ready to focus on finding work-life balance? So are we. That's why we ensure our managers and employees know the best ways to use all the tools and benefits available. Plus, if working remotely or if taking advantage of one of our other three work flexibility models makes sense for you, we're open to it—just chat with your manager and we'll figure out what works best for everyone, keeping operational requirements in mind. 

4. We’re always learning 

We're big on helping you grow. Whether it's through apprenticeships, graduate programs or educational assistance, we've got options to support your development. 

5. You can chart your path

Your career journey is important to us. We're here to chat about your goals and offer support for internal mobility within the company. 

Fun fact: 

Innovation Centre hosts a yearly battle of the bands for all sites in Cork to compete! 

Interested in joining our team in Ireland?    

Check out our current job openings and apply today! 



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