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Meet Stryker’s Emerging Professionals

At Stryker, we value every employee’s perspective and background. We celebrate and empower our employees to lean into their differences and learn about others through our employee resource groups. We cultivate an inclusive and dynamic environment that nurtures innovation by embracing and celebrating our employees' unique qualities. Learn about how Stryker’s Emerging Professionals (SEP) empowers growth and success throughout the organization.

Fast Facts about Stryker’s Emerging Professionals (SEP):

Mission: We will engage, support and inspire the next generation of professionals through networking, community impact and individual development to solidify Stryker as a career destination for talent.

Founded: 2017

Where to find SEP: SEP is comprised of eight regional chapters in the United States and one additional chapter located in Ireland. As SEP has continued to grow, three satellite locations have emerged to support members at additional Stryker locations in the United States and India. Membership is available to all employees regardless of age or if they work onsite, in the field or remotely. With SEP’s continued success new chapters across the globe are excited to be launched in the coming months.

About SEP

SEP originally began in 2016 as a networking group in Kalamazoo, Michigan by a group of young professionals looking to build a community focused on professional development and ideas to bridge generational differences in the workplace. In 2017, SEP became an official charted employee resource group (ERG) as it became clear that a focus on upcoming generations of talent wasn’t unique to just Kalamazoo.

Empowering the next generation of leaders

SEP creates a space for young professionals to feel seen, heard and supported. Many SEP members share how impactful being a member of SEP has been on their career trajectory. SEP keeps members engaged through thoughtfully curated events that attract new and experienced talent, which gives all employees an opportunity to expand their networks.

Here are just a few of the ways SEP is making Stryker more inclusive:

  • Mentorship programs: SEP facilitates mentorship among its members to equip young professionals with the tools for success in their personal and professional lives and empower leaders to expand their professional influence.

  • Networking opportunities: Whether it’s a quick connect call or a happy hour event, SEP makes time for its members to develop a sense of community through networking opportunities.

  • Employee engagement events: Throughout the year, SEP hosts lunch and learn sessions and career panels to drive connectivity among members.

  • Career development: These educational opportunities enhance members’ professional knowledge, understanding and experience.

A career destination for all talent

Since its start, SEP has been a place for young professionals to prioritize career growth through networking and connection. As SEP continues to expand, five key focus areas guide its initiatives:

1. Meaningful networking: Engage emerging professionals to share their experiences, make connections and advance inclusivity.

2. Community impact: Inspire members to make an impact and strengthen local communities through connection and volunteering.

3. Individual development: Support impactful areas of growth for the development and retention of emerging professionals.

4. Educating employees: Provide education to increase intergenerational collaboration and mentorship.

5. Future generations: Encourage future generations to explore a career with Stryker through internships and outreach.

These key areas help SEP achieve its goals and steer its actions in line with its mission, fostering an environment of inclusivity along the way.

What SEP means to the Stryker team

“I have always been interested in leadership, whether it meant running a college club or being a team captain. I haven’t had too many opportunities to develop my leadership skills in my day-to-day role because I started my career with Stryker just over a year ago. But with my SEP Global President role, I am leading a team, restructuring an entire organization and executing on a strategic vision – all which give me invaluable developmental experiences as I look to advance my career.” – Becca S. | Global President | SEP | United States

“As a member of the Global SEP executive steering committee, I’m fortunate to be able to work on strategies for supporting career development for our emerging professional population. Our chapters have seen tremendous success with mentorship initiatives at all levels. We have done everything from intern mentorships to reverse mentorships; a program where emerging professionals advise senior leadership on the needs of Stryker’s evolving employee population.” – Garrett J. | Global Development Lead | United States

Participating in these leadership roles in SEP has given me great exposure to something I wouldn’t have experienced otherwise. Specifically, learning about our newest and next generations and how we support them has been eye opening and important as the workforce evolves. Working with our leadership teams within SEP has been amazing and this topic has become a passion of mine!” – Erik B. | Executive Sponsor | SEP | United States

My leadership role within SEP has allowed me to broaden my network and cultivate invaluable experiences for future leadership roles. Through facing and overcoming challenges, I have learned the art of resilience and the importance of unwavering support for my colleagues' career progression. Nevertheless, the sheer fulfilment of witnessing my colleagues thrive and flourish within our organization makes it all worthwhile.” – Libin P. | President | SEP | Ireland

“Starting and leading a new Stryker Emerging Professionals (SEP) chapter in Florida has facilitated invaluable peer networking and leadership visibility across multiple Stryker divisions. In addition, leading an ERG has allowed me to practice setting strategic goals, delegate key initiatives that align with a broader mission, and build trust within a new team – all of which contribute to my personal leadership development.” – Katie H. |Chapter President | SEP | United States

“During my two internships with Stryker and full-time career thus far as an emerging professional, I’ve had a great support system who cared about my professional/personal development. I joined SEP because I want to replicate the same for those I meet. As President, I’ve been able to enhance my professional development by leading others, working cross-functionally and mentoring members. It’s rewarding knowing you’re making an impact on Stryker’s culture.” – Rachel P. | Chapter President | SEP | United States

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