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7 reasons to love Stryker in Canada

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Canada is home to three Stryker locations across Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec

Waterdown, Ontario, Canada is home to Stryker’s Canadian national headquarters, which houses an array of functions including sales, marketing, and operations. Our location in Burnaby, British Columbia serves as a satellite office for Stryker’s Endoscopy Division’s headquarters in San Jose, California to develop, ensure quality, and manufacture leading-edge surgical visualization equipment, changing the standard of care in today’s operating rooms. Stryker’s office in Quebec is focused on research and development for our Orthopaedic division.

Here are 7 reasons to join our team in Canada

1. We have an award-winning workplace

Stryker’s teams in Canada have made our offices the place to be. We’re excited to offer an award-winning culture to future candidates.

Check out some of our recent wins:

2. Employee engagement opportunities

Stryker encourages our employees to get involved with Stryker outside of their day-to-day job. Options include joining and participating in our employee resource groups (ERGS)or one of Stryker’s affinity groups.

Canadian chapters of our ERGs include Stryker’s Women’s Network (SWN), Stryker’s African Ancestry Network (SAAN), and Stryker’s Allies For Equality (SAFE). Our teams are committed to continuing the evolution of Stryker’s ERGs in Canada.

In addition to our ERGs, our Canadian offices also offer a variety of affinity groups for employees to participate with, including Stryker Wellness (SWELL), Social Committee (SOCIAL), Health & Safety, Charitable Giving, and Corporate Responsibility.

Our Social Committee amplifies Stryker’s culture by sharing a passion for creating a social, collaborative, and engaged workplace. The activities led by the Social Committee are focused on being inclusive and bringing all departments together. Historically, the committee has planned holiday parties, an annual golf tournament, and shared communications to highlight holidays and events throughout Canada.

3. Great parental leave and a subsidy for IVF

Stryker supports parents-to-be by providing generous maternity and parental leave to new parents and financial support for employees who require fertility drugs. Parents who are not taking an extended parental leave are eligible for a specific number of paid days off to enhance their time at home with family.

4. Extensive mental health practitioner coverage

Recognizing the importance of supporting employees’ mental health and well-being, effective January 1, 2023, Stryker Canada increased coverage for mental health practitioners. These services include Psychologists, Social Workers, Clinical Counsellors, Marriage and Family Therapists, Psychoanalysts, and Psychotherapists.

5. Health and wellness support

Our office in Waterdown features an on-site fitness center. Allowing our employees to save money on gym memberships and devote the time that would potentially be involved in traveling to and from an offsite gym to something else.

In addition to access to fitness facilities, Stryker’s Canadian employees receive an annual healthy living subsidy to put towards any wellness-related costs to further promote their health and wellness.

6. We celebrate successes

Along with a number of performance recognition initiatives, Stryker’s Canadian Achievement Awards are presented to two employees each quarter and feature a monetary prize, lunch with the Vice President, a glass award, a preferred parking spot, as well as an extra vacation day. Stryker offers an array of other celebratory events and initiatives to recognize our employees who go above and beyond the expectations of their roles and exemplify our values.

7. Stryker Gives Back and other volunteer opportunities

Each December, employees can participate in Stryker Gives Back, a crowd favorite among colleagues. Stryker Gives Back involves employees teaming up to support a local charity. Meaningful teamwork and collaboration are at the heart of this initiative. Employees leave Stryker Gives Back feeling fulfilled and more connected to the local charities. Our team members in Canada also receive 8 hours each year as paid volunteer time to give back to the community.

Historical insights:

We would like to honor and thank the Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe nations as the traditional inhabitants of the lands where our Waterdown office stands. We acknowledge a debt to those who were here before us and recognize our responsibility, as guests, to respect and honor the intimate relationship Indigenous people have to this land that we now call home.

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