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We are number 1 for a reason: Stryker's US manufacturing team

Updated: Mar 29

At Stryker, we’re on a mission to make healthcare better. Together with our customers, our products impact more than 150 million patients annually.

Our manufacturing teams play a critical role in making this possible by driving the global quality operations of all our manufactured products. And they do so with a supportive team that values one another, and the role they play in making healthcare better.

1. Our award-winning workplace

Stryker has been named the # 1 Best Workplace in Manufacturing and Production in the United

States since 2017! We believe our commitment to fostering a culture centered on our values of people, performance, integrity and accountability creates a work culture our employees are proud to be a part of.

“I love the work culture at Stryker. I believe that trust is essential in the workplace, and I feel motivated and invested in my work because of the trust that my team and management have put on me. They have faith in my decision-making abilities and have demonstrated they have my best interests in mind.”

-Esperanza D. | Service Coordinator | Portage, MI

2. Our mission

Our mission is what sets us apart. Together, with our customers, we are driven to make healthcare better. Our manufacturing teams passionately live out our mission by manufacturing quality products that help improve healthcare every day.

“The Stryker production team has a mission as important as its workforce.  Every day hundreds of operators, engineers, technicians, and process leaders with a diversity of skillsets and experiences come together at our site to bring better healthcare to our customers.  In supporting our healthcare system we support each other as a unified team excited to deliver the next big thing in medical.”

-Mari T. | Staff Business Analyst | Cary, IL

“I have worked at Stryker for 17 years. In that time, I have come to realize something.  What we do matters! I have worked throughout our manufacturing division. I have seen what goes into making our products. Being a cancer patient, I have seen firsthand the results our products achieve! We at Stryker make a difference.  We improve the quality of patients’ lives.  What we do matters!”

-Dave G. | Warehouse Associate | Cary, IL

“Working at Stryker in the Receiving department is an ever-changing atmosphere in which every day is something new. We see the raw materials come into the building and we know something great is about to be manufactured. What a great sense of accomplishment and teamwork on all ends of the process! When I leave work, I know that I have done something to make Healthcare better and change people’s lives. There is no better feeling than that!”

-Dane M. | Receiving Clerk | Cary, IL

3. Our people

People are at the heart of what we do, which shows in our culture. We prioritize our employees and encourage them to develop personal connections that can last a lifetime.

“My favorite thing is the people. I get to work with people that are willing to help figure out any obstacle that rises. They welcomed me with open arms and have let me become part of their team. They have answered the questions that I have and have directed me to the right person if they do not know the answer. The environment is friendly and helpful.”

-Eduardo A. | Process Engineer | Arlington, TN

“My favorite thing about working at Stryker is the people! I not only get to network with all these different, unique individuals but being in a leader of people role, I am able to support the growth and progression of those I lead both directly and indirectly.”

-Ashley D. | Production Team Lead | Portage, MI

“What I think makes Stryker the best in manufacturing is the people and our ability to keep things personal. At Stryker we don’t see co-workers but our community at work. The people are very eager and open to sharing ideas while having the flexibility to put ideas into practice. Stryker also provides us the resources for professional growth either through workshops online or trialing new ideas.”

-Ryan J. | Manufacturing Section Lead | Cary, IL

4. Our inclusive culture

Each day we strive to create a more equitable workplace for all through DE&I programs and employee resource groups. Not only do these efforts help create a sense of belonging among colleagues they also help drive innovation through diversity of thought.

“The company offers many employee resource groups. As a committee member of Stryker's Allies for Equality (SAFE) as well as being a part of countless other groups Stryker’s African Ancestry Network (SAAN), Stryker’s Emerging Professionals (SEP), and Stryker’s Hispanic/Latino Network (SOMOS), it has been helpful in promoting acceptance, development, and networking.”

-Thomas L. | Inventory Control Technician | Leesburg, VA

“There are too many things to choose from, but my ultimate favorite part about working at Stryker is how it makes me feel. Every time I come in for my shift at 6 am, I feel grateful, even blessed to be a part of such a caring company and community that cares and provides for my wellbeing. “

-Isa N.| Manufacturing Assembler | San Jose, CA

5. Our growth and development opportunities

At Stryker, we grow talent. We prioritize the growth and development of our people by fostering a supportive culture. Whether it's career development or goal setting, we believe building the skillsets of our people is what makes us successful.

The thing I love most about working at Stryker is their willingness to give you the tools you need to succeed. For instance, they have provided me an avenue to help put together a few lunch and learn sessions. This was used to help me promote things such as resume building, career development, and particular learning materials that Stryker provides in order to help my fellow coworkers.”

-Thomas L. | Inventory Control Technician | Leesburg, VA

“One of the greatest things about working in manufacturing at Stryker is walking past a production line and seeing countless products on their way to make a positive impact on someone’s life. Then also turn around and see the people who are working there, who have grown in their professional and personal lives thanks to every tool and benefit Stryker offers. Working at Stryker has helped me personally grow with the business; by helping me get a college education and providing me with the resources and tools to grow. Stryker makes a difference in customer and employee lives every day.”

-Dennis C. | Production Team Lead | Cary, IL

Our manufacturing employees across the US actively choose to come to work every day because of our workplace, mission, people, culture and growth opportunities.

Are you ready to join our collaborative team and make an impact with your work?

Explore our manufacturing job openings and apply today.



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